Gucci Maine

Maine: The home of lobsters, beautiful scenery, and allegedly moose. I, however, did not see a single moose. But I did see plenty of beautiful scenery and enjoyed plenty of mouthwatering lobsters to make up for it! In 2014, I spent a week in Acadia National Park hiking with Venture Crew 241.

Venture Crew 241 at the peak of Sargent Mountain

While it wasn’t like a standard backpacking trip (instead of dehydrated food, we were grilling bacon!) we had several hikes that put us to the test. Anyone who has hiked in Maine knows that a 3-mile trail there is much more challenging than a 7-mile trail somewhere else. Maine has very rough terrain and many trails go straight up. No flat land, sorry! If you’re interested in hiking there, I would suggest putting some rock climbing into your trip prep.

Yes, that’s the trail. Straight up!

Before going on this trip, I was never a fan of blueberries. But once you get to Acadia, you can’t help but become a fan. Everyday we were able to pick fresh blueberries along the trails. We probably would have cut hiking time off if we hadn’t constantly stopped to pick the bushes clean!

Blueberry haul from Cadillac Mountain
Brewed at the Atlantic Brewing Company in Bar Harbor – Such a great treat!

For anyone who loves national parks, Acadia is definitely a must-see! With it’s coastal boarder, Acadia offers incredible views of the ocean, the inlets, and the forests that surround it. It’s also minutes from popular Bar Harbor, where you can hop on a boat to go whale-watching or simply stroll through the streets and visit the shops. Enjoy the pic tour of Acadia, Maine!

Acadia hot spot, Thunder Hole
Bubble Rock at the top of The Bubbles. It sits on the edge of the mountain. Try to push it off, I dare you!
The view of Beehive Mountain from Sand Beach
Acadia rocks!
Be sure to stop at Jordan Pond House for a popover!
Fog over the fjord 
No trip to Maine is complete without some fresh lobstahs!
Summit of Acadia Mountain

Now get out and go adventure!


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  1. OMG JB and I want to go to Acadia so badly. We were going to go this past summer but we didn’t have enough funds! This post is everything!


    • It is such a beautiful place! I think the best way to do it is camping! It’s fairly cheap and you meet some really cool people. Also the main campground there is close to Acadia and Bar Harbor PLUS it has bathrooms/showers!


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