The Dark Hedges, made famous by Game of Thrones

Interested in traveling but not sure how to do it alone? Trying to work within a college student budget? Trying to get as much out of your travel experience as possible? You’re not alone. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’m still doing that, and I have some tips to help you, yes, you, travel in a way like never before!

I’m Chelsea, a 24-years-young grad student who has feet that never want to stop. At 13 years old all I wanted to do was go. I didn’t matter where, why, for how long, or what reason, I just had an insatiable desire to go places. I joined a Venturing Crew, basically a co-ed version of Boy Scouts, which focused on outdoor high adventures all over the country. It gave me the opportunity to travel to California, Nevada, New Hampshire, Maine, and various other locations nationwide.

That still wasn’t enough. I spent a summer working a Camp Powhatan in Hiwassee, Virginia for a program called New River Adventure as a whitewater canoeing guide. On any given day, I was responsible for the lives of up to 100 Boy Scouts and their leaders as we navigated the whitewater rapids of the New River.

Even that didn’t settle the wanderlust. I needed to see more places and try more things, but the responsibility of college and a job slowed me down… for a little while. My sophomore year, I got involved with Penn State Berks’ Alternative Spring Break Program that had just been developed. That year, I made it to my dream location: Ireland. I have since been there three times within nine months and am currently planning another trip there within the next two months.

I was so silly thinking that after so much going I would eventually have my fill, but it has only gotten worse. Every time I go somewhere, the next adventure is being planned the day I get home. It’s like a sickness, really. A really incredible, incurable sickness that I’m stuck with forever.

Through these pages, you’ll get to experience some of what I have experienced during my travels – both good and bad – and you will hopefully pick up on some tips and tricks about how to get your traveling career underway. Book your plane ticket, grab your passport, and we’ll be on our way!

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