Sunburn, Salsa, and Sunflowers

*Credit to Aubrey for the title*

We finished our service at the mangroves yesterday and today was a much needed rest day, which could only mean one thing: BEACH TIME! We left San Juan at 7:20 am to make our way south west to Isla de Gilligan.

Having the day to relax and unwind was incredible. The water was crystal clear, making it so easy to see every piece of coral on the ground below. A little adventure up the current and through the mangroves led us to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean from our spot in the Caribbean Sea. The tide from the ocean brought with it countless conch shells.

We ate lunch right on the beach with the sound of the waves directly behind us. We left shortly after, taking the ferry back to the mainland to start the long drive back to the northeast side of the island. We did make a quick pit stop to a local sunflower field before making the rest of the trip back to San Juan.

After some much needed R&R, we headed to our usual dinner spot before going to the food truck park for salsa dancing. We may have only stuck out a tiny bit, but Luis joined us and willingly gave some quick lessons. Let the record show that having never danced salsa before I have better rhythm than Luis.

Tomorrow we have our last day of service and we will be in one of the local schools that was destroyed during Hurricane Maria. We leave Puerto Rico bright and early Saturday morning.

The next time you see me, please don’t make fun of my intense sunburn. It was definitely worth it though!

Until tonight, buenos dias!

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