Summer: Expectations vs. Reality

May Expectations:

  • Catch up on sleep! Eight hours a night!
  • Bask in the glory of not having a busy schedule and school work
  • Go to the beach and smell that sea air I love oh so much
  • Visit my friends in Ireland… Gosh they’re great
  • Maybe I’ll go on a tiny road trip
  • Finish that story I’ve been working on
  • Find Niall Horan in person
  • i-love-summerCook some fancy stuff… mostly pasta
  • Continue some of that dynamite research I started during the year
  • Finally achieve that flawlessly gorgeous tan that every girl secretly desires
  • Exercise with all of that free time I’ll have
  • Plan a trip for next year
  • Refinish an old dresser and sell it for millions
  • Spend a ton of time with my friends who I adore
  • Have all of my ducks in a row for grad school… Be so proactive that it hurts! #studious
  • Try out some of the little hipster restaurants and coffee shops around

July Reality:

  • Work
  • I’ve rewatched “Friends,” “Parks and Recreation,” and am currently working on “The Andy Griffith Show”
  • Work
  • I’ve drank a lot of coffee
  • Made excuses to go to stores near Starbucks so I don’t feel guilty about stopping for coffee
  • Workg1359416709530810811
  • Drove to Washington D.C. sans coffee to visit friends (I’ll count it as a tiny road trip)
  • Drove home from Washington D.C. with coffee
  • Looked at pictures of Niall Horan
  • Discovered Bob Evans’ microwaveable mac and cheese bowls… conveniently sized for one person!
  • Cleaned… a lot
  • Awkwardly fell asleep in the pool and woke up with a very uneven back tan, courtesy of my rolled up back fat
  • Work
  • Thought about exercising, then didn’t
  • Looked at pictures of places I want to visit, mainly Iceland and LA
  • Sent my friends some snapchats and weird Instagram posts

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