Cay Hopping: Abaco Style

When most people think of traveling to the Bahamas, ideas of grand resorts and perfectly lined up beach chairs come to mind. To be fair, my experience did include the nice beach chairs to an extent, but instead of checking into a nice hotel, I checked in on a 60-foot catamaran, Adonai. IMGP1371

I was given the opportunity to join a local Boy Scout troop on their trip to the Bahamas SeaBase. We set off on Adonai to spend the week sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and enjoying the incredible scenery, both on the cays and under the water. Before this trip, I had never snorkeled before and the idea of breathing underwater totally creeped me out. Our first full day on the water, first thing in the morning, we jumped in to snorkel through a reef. For anyone else who has/had concerns about it: GO FOR IT! As soon as I was in the water, all fears were gone.IMGP1306Everyday we stopped on a different cay (pronounced “key”) to explore, visit the shops, TAKE SHOWERS, and to enjoy some SUPER BOMB CINNAMON BUNS! It was incredible to see just how different the cays were, even though they were so close to one another. They say a picture speaks a 1,000 words, so enjoy a little pic tour of the Abaco Cays!

Hopetown Lighthouse


Bahamas Goombay Punch: A Bahamian, Pineapple-y delight!
Beautiful, hand-sewn bags from Norman Albury Sail Makers
Homemade cinnamon buns from Cafe La Florence on Treasure Cay
Chelsea’s Choice water: Bottled in the Abacos, endorsed by Chelsea

IMGP1172Now get out, go adventure, and stay rad!

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