Blogging: I can do that.

All summer long, I’ve sat at work and either played an obscene amount of Tetris or aimlessly scrolled through Buzzfeed. Time to put that time to good use! I’ve always loved to write, but haven’t been successful with other blogging sites, so it’s time to give this one a try.

First of all, I’m Chelsea! I’m an upcoming sophomore at good old Penn State. I am a Global Studies major, and hope to one day be a professor. I am extremely involved at school (maybe even a bit too involved, if that’s such a thing!) I am the vice president of the Penn State Berks Blue Lions ice hockey team, an Orientation Leader,  a Lion Ambassador, and do a little bit of writing for HerCampus. Although the chaos that is college starts up again next month, my hope is that I can get into the habit of writing on a regular basis and can keep up with it during the school year. No promises, though.

When I’m not overwhelmed with school and buried under a mountain of work, I have some normal people hobbies. And some not-so-normal people hobbies! Time for some rapid facts: I love to kayak, white water canoe, ice climb, ice skate, knit, dance, and go on adventures! I work at a gym. I’m writing this at said gym. I have a pug named Puggy. I am obsessed with Ireland. I like tattoos, although I don’t have any. I help my parents raise sheep and goats.

… And I think that about does it with my Rapid Facts.

I’m going to try to end each blog post with a song suggestion, because who doesn’t love a good song?! This week is….

Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth

Stay rad,


Summit of Acadia Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine
Summit of Acadia Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine

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